5 Minutes Monday

The people group we are praying today is the people of Kaur.

The People of Kaur of Indonesia

The Kaur are one of the original peoples of Bengkulu Province. They were originally from Bintuhan in the South Kaur district of South Bengkulu, but today many live in the North Kaur district. The Trans-Sumatra highway passes through Bintuhan, the district capital of South Kaur. The Kaur speak their own language, which is part of the Malay language cluster. Most Kaur villages are located in groups along the banks of small rivers in this area. The Kaur area lies adjacent to that of the Seraway and Besemah peoples. Geographically, the Kaur may be divided into two subgroups. Those who live in the South Kaur district are normally called Bintuhan. Their dialect is greatly influenced by the Lampung dialect. Those who live in the North Kaur district have been influenced by the Besemah people. (source: Joshua Project)

There are at least 49,000 people speak the Kaur Language (source: Joshua Project). They are one of the people groups who do not have one single verse in their language. They do not have any access to God’s word, neither audio nor written. Bible Translation is needed for these people. They need to hear and know that our mighty God also speaks their language and love them.

They need to know that we also care.

Would you join me to pray for them today? Spend 5 minute today to pray and ask God to make way for His church to go and send people to reach out to the people of Kaur. Ask God to provide ways for these people to be able to hear about Him and his great love for them.

Thank you for praying! He hears you and will answers your pray for these precious people.

DIY Felt Tablet Sleeve


I was looking for a pouch of case or sleeve for Nexus tablet and Pinterest, as my go-to-inspiration-source. I found few posts on tutorials how to make an iPhone and external hard drive sleeve/case out of felt & handstitching.

So I was wondering if I could try to make a tablet sleeve instead of buying it.

And I tried. Success! And I am super happy with the result :)

It didn’t take a long time to make this. Basic material you will meed are:
– Felt in your your favorite color
– Scissors or rotary cutter
– Pinking sheer
– Ruler
– Needle
– Thread in matching color with the felt
– Valcero or button

First, measure the tablet. My Nexus is about 5″ x 7″

Then I measure the felt I wanna use. I found this darker grey in my stash. Using rotary cutter and quilt ruler, I cut my felt into 12″ x 7.25″

Then I fold to make the sleeve at 5″ from the bottom. Hold it with needle so it will stay in place when you hand-stitch its sides.


This is what I love… Handstitching. I think this is what they call blanket handstitching. This blog post is an excellent tutorial with pictures.


Last step is adding the fastener. For mine, I use adhesive Valcero. You can pick what you want to use for the sleeve flap.

I am happy for the result :) And I hope you can follow these simple steps. If you have any questions, feel free to leave it as comment and I will try my best to answer it.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Thankful Thursday

In my life, one of many blessings I received from God that I never stop thanking Him is friends.

Today, I would like to share a card I made for a new friend we met when we visited Wycliffe Associates office in Orlando. She invested her time to train us and pray for us. She is special to us.


I used kraft cardstock for the card base. I cut a piece of burlap ribbon into 2 squares about 1.5″ x 1.5″ and added them on the card using Liquid Glass adhesive.

Those little flowers are from #30yearsofhappy stamp set. I stamped them using Honey exclusive ink stamp pad.

The sentiment and banner are from Oodles of Doodles stamp set. I stamped the banner first using Slate exclusive ink stamp pad and then stamp the sentiment with Black exclusive ink stamp pad.

Then added them on the card with Liquid Glads adhesive and some 3D foam tape.

I finished it with some Bitty Clear Sparkle adhesive gems.


All supplies you ca get at my Close To My Heart website.

Thank you for visiting :)

Tuesday Thought: See Through The Unclear

We came back from Orlando. During our stay there last week, it rained every single day – in the morning, or in the afternoon, or in the evening.

We drove in the heavy rain every day and it was very hard to see the road.


(Made with #rhonnadesigns)

When nothing is clear in front of us, we have no idea what to do. We feel unsafe and uncomfortable. We cannot make any decisions.

But we have an option to stay positive and keep see the good things in faith. We can keep our eyes on the Father in heaven who is good and who loves us unconditionally.

We can continue to trust in Him who has been with us since the beginning.

We can see good things will come out from the unclear situations for because He is God who will do good things for us according to His love and will.

He has the best plan for each of us even thought most of the time we cannot see it clearly but He will give each of us understanding and knowledge along the way as we are faithfully walking with Him in obedience.

See the good.

You can see the good.

5 Minutes Monday

Today focus group to pray is Pekal People.

Pekal People of Indonesia

The Pekal live along the southwest shores of Sumatra, the sixth largest island in the world. They live in the North Bengkulu Regency. To the west their area is bordered by the Indian Ocean, while to the east are the Bukit Barisan Mountains. The Pekal are often called the Ketahun because many live in Ketahun District. The main highway in western Sumatra that connects Lampung Province to the city of Padang passes through the Pekal area. The Pekal language is part of the Malay language cluster and is used for everyday interaction. The Minangkabau language has influenced the current Pekal language spoken by people today. (source: Joshua Project).

The language Pekal is spoken by about 38,000 people. They do not have any verse in their language. Bible translation is needed for these people. They need to hear the goodness and love of our God who love them. That our mighty God also speaks their language.

Would you join me just for 5 minutes to pray for the people of Pekal and their need of God’s word available in their language?