5 Minutes Monday

Today focus group to pray is Pekal People.

Pekal People of Indonesia

The Pekal live along the southwest shores of Sumatra, the sixth largest island in the world. They live in the North Bengkulu Regency. To the west their area is bordered by the Indian Ocean, while to the east are the Bukit Barisan Mountains. The Pekal are often called the Ketahun because many live in Ketahun District. The main highway in western Sumatra that connects Lampung Province to the city of Padang passes through the Pekal area. The Pekal language is part of the Malay language cluster and is used for everyday interaction. The Minangkabau language has influenced the current Pekal language spoken by people today. (source: Joshua Project).

The language Pekal is spoken by about 38,000 people. They do not have any verse in their language. Bible translation is needed for these people. They need to hear the goodness and love of our God who love them. That our mighty God also speaks their language.

Would you join me just for 5 minutes to pray for the people of Pekal and their need of God’s word available in their language?

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