5 Minutes Monday: Pray with Thanksgiving


Prayer with thanksgiving.

We pray with thanksgiving because we know who our God is and what He is able to do.

We pray with thanksgiving because we knowing that he is always there with us.

We pray with thanksgiving because we know He listens and answers us according to His will.

And today would you spend your 5 minutes to pray for the people of Aji?

Here’s a little bit about this people group:

Source: Joshua Project

Source: Joshua Project

The Aji are a small community who live in a mountainous area of South Sumatra. They are often called the Haji people because according to a folktale they are descendants of a “Haji” (a person who has completed the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca). The Aji live in 14 villages. Eleven of the villages are clustered together in the Muara Dua District of southern Ogan Komering Ulu Regency (OKU): Sukarami, Tanjung Raya, Kuripan, Peninggiran, Surabaya, Sukarena, Karang Pendeta, Kota Agung, Pulau Panggung, Pirikan, Telanay and Sukabumi. In addition, there are three Aji villages located outside of the Muara Dua District cluster: Lubar Village in the Simpang District of southern OKU, Rantau Panjang Village in another area of Muara Dua and Palas Haji Village in the Palas District of southern Lampung Regency. (source: Joshua Project)

source: Joshua Project

source: Joshua Project

Thank you so much for praying for God’s presence be there among the people of Aji. Thank you for praying that God will make a way for these people to access in His word in language they understand best in their hearts.

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