Am I Failed As A Blogger?

I started to blog for 30 Days of Thankfulness…. but didn’t finish it.

Am I failed as a blogger?

I started to schedule to write a blog post once a week…. but I did and then forgot.

Am I failed as a blogger?

I am sitting here today… thinking…

should I continue write a blog?

should I called myself a blogger?

or should I stop writing because I do not write consistently?

I need support.

I need encouragement.

I need motivation.

I need a purpose why I write.

I need a plan!

I am thankful when I went to Declare Conference in October 2013 and met a lot of my friends I met online through blogging, Twitter and Facebook. I made new friends too. At that conference I heard so many advises from the experts. I am humbling myself under God’s feet, waiting and listening to what He has to tell me and has for me to do. I am waiting.

Here I am rethinking my purpose and pray.

I am going to take a break for these couple of weeks at to end this year and will start fresh in 2014. Hopefully you all will be praying for me too!


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