My First (in)RL Meet Up

I made it to my very first time (in)RL. I’ve been praying and dreaming of this day, the day when I could meet the wonderful ladies I’ve met online through (in)courage group, HelloMornings, Twitter and Facebook.

Oh how I was so excited when I walked into the room! I met them! Friends that have been great accountability for me, friends who God has been using to bless and encourage me.

I never had a thought to be in a community until one day I stepped in because I needed it. I found out that God can use the community to help me, to strengthen me, to build me and there I find accountabilities I need. Godly friends God has provided for me there in the community He put me in. That is pretty cool, isn’t it? We have God who cares and knows well what we need in our lives. Someone who we really can account on.

And yes, I am staying in this community.

One thing I am still praying – have been praying since 10 years ago – is that a mentor that He has for me.

At the meet up we had so much fun at the photo booth 🙂 and here are some of our fun photos 😀

THANK YOU so much for leaving me some love. Your comments made my day!

Have a fabulous day,

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