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Scripture exists in almost 2700 of the 6837 languages currently known to be in use.

At least 4.8 billion people have a Bible available in their first language. A further 595 million people have the New Testament (but only some, if any, of the Old Testament).

Work is in progress for many of the communities who have none of God’s Word in their language or insufficient Scripture. Current estimates suggest around 350 million people speaking 2040 languages may have a need for Bible translation to begin.

Today, over 100 organisations from more than 60 nations form the Wycliffe Global Alliance. Since the first Wycliffe organisation began in 1942, people from these organisations, working alongside local communities, have assisted in the translation of 781 complete New Testaments and 27 complete Bibles, potentially impacting around 145 million people speaking 749 languages.

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