Writing In Action #3: Where To Start

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This week I learned about where I start to write or what I write about. It seems simple but it is not to me. Denise explains that we all begin to write with a blank page or screen but the word will come. The written words not only reveal themselves, they reveal something about the writer, too.

They tell us who we really are and what we value the most. Writing leads to discovery… in order for our words to inform us, we must first write them down.

So… where do I begin to write? what do I write about?

Some tips from Denise:

  • Write what you know
  • Write what you feel
  • Write what you are passionate about

At previous chapter, she also mentions about it starts with Write-Based Prose (words just for me) and we can turn it into an idea for Reader-Based Prose (words for others/readers).

In this chapter she also gives us 3 practical Ways to Begin:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Join a conversation
  3. Answer a question

I am going to start with the first.

I write to tell a story of my life, one wrecked girl, found and saved by God’s grace, have a new life in Christ and to live the given life with trust and obedience to Jesus’ lordship. I write to tell the story unchanging everlasting God, who so loves the world, sent His one and only Son, to died for its sins and rose from the death on the third day, defeated the death and won the battle. He is Jesus Christ, the Lord and King of kings, the Son of God, the Way, the Truth and the Life. I write to declare this News to the world. I write to let them know there is HOPE in Christ Jesus. I write to testify.

I write to represent those who are Bibleless, the story of what it’s like not having a word of God. I, my own language, does not have the whole Bible. I am thankful to have 5 partial books of the Bible, but there are about 2000 languages in the world who don’t have one single word of God, 209 million people speak those languages. Imagine how your life would be when you don’t have the God’s word.

If my life is a book, I wanna start with those story.

What would you want to write in your life story book?

Whom Shall Go?

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for  us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” ~ Isaiah 6:8

The same answer I gave to God in 2006 and still be my prayer until today, “Lord, her I am, send me to go to these people.” That’s my prayer for my husband and daughters, too. We go to serve God as family among a nation in Southeast Asia. These are the why: these people are still waiting for God’s word to be available in languages they understand best in their heart, they have been waiting for too long. I was there, living among them for a short period of time only, God revealed to me and the team His heart and desire for these people groups. He wants them to know Him, to have His words and for them to come and worship Him only! (*is not the real name of the place) God used the trips to open my eyes to see the needs and to change my heart and my desire to serve Him. There are more that I have ever imagined!

Wycliffe Australia and Kartidaya Vision Trip 2005

Wycliffe Australia 2005 to Central K-Island*

Wycliffe Discovery Trip 2006 to South K-Island*

Wycliffe USA Discovery Trip 2006 to South K-Island*

Wycliffe Discovery Trip 2007 - The Capital J City*

Wycliffe USA Discovery Trip 2007 – The Capital J City*

Wycliffe USA Discovery Trip 2008 - Central Day* Island

Wycliffe USA Discovery Trip 2008 – Central Day* Island

Literacy and Multi Education Survey in 3 villages in Central K-Island*

Literacy and Multi Education Survey in 3 villages in Central K-Island*

And in 2007 I had given an opportunity to participate in a literacy survey program hosted by one of Wycliffe’s strategic organization in the country, SIL, to go and collect data from the people in 3 villages and from that data we collected were used to determine whether these people will need God’s word, level of how literate the people, will they need literacy program, what language do they can speak and do they understand the national language or not, etc. So many elements that support Bible Translation work, it cannot be done alone. It needs a team.

We need YOU! Yes, together we can end the Bible poverty in around the world!

How you can get involved? You are welcome to visit these sites to find out and pray about how God can use you in ways He calls you to:

The Seed Company

Wycliffe Bible Translators



The Road to Transformation from Wycliffe USA

Translation teams exercise great care in the rigorous and complicated process to translate God’s Word into a language that doesn’t yet have it. Watch an overview of the tasks involved, and learn how each project presents unique challenges and incredible rewards. Learn more here.

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They Need To Know

I boast only in God for His mercy is rich & His love is great for us. #hellomornings #endbiblepoverty #writetheword

Ephesians 2:4-6 tells us that God is being so rich in mercy and has loved us with great love, He even made us alive together with Christ when we were dead in our sins – only by His grace we have been saved – He raised us up with Him and seated us with in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus.

Isn’t that an amazing and wonderful promises for us when we are His?

Today I know in my heart that these promises are only for me, but also for you and for the over 200 million people who have not yet heard about God and His rich mercy and great love for them.

These over 200 million people have been waiting for a long time. They do not have one single verse of God’s word in language they understand best in their hearts, that’s about 1,967 languages!

They need to hear about it. We can be part of the work to bring this Good News to them. Would you join the team to bring the Gospel to them?

Here’s how you can get involved and partners in prayer and financial in God’s mission through:

Wycliffe Bible Translators

The Seed Company

or join our team to bring the Gospel to Southeast Asia.

God is at work in all over the world, God never forget nor forsake them.

And together we can End Bible Poverty!

Forgiveness and Hope


This week I continue my Bible study from Joseph and his family in the book of Genesis 42.

It is about Forgiveness.

Joseph showed no hatred at all but love, mercy and kindness. He even gave back their money so that they would have enough for their journey back to their father’s house.

Our unconfessed sins are not only effected our lives, but also our loved ones. We need to confess all of our sins to receive forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration.

Our God shows us love, mercy and kindness, no matter what we have done. He is waiting for us to come to seek him and reunite with him. He shows us forgiveness. He has provided the way for us to return from our wicked ways, to walk in the truth. He has provided the way and the only way to go to the Father is through Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness to every single person that you know in your life and the 2,9 million people who haven’t heard of Him.

We have heard the Greatest News in Jesus, that he loves every individual so much until he died on the cross for all of our sins, but they haven’t.

We have found the True God and be reconciled, but they haven’t.

They have waited for a long time.

God wants every one in this world to come, receive forgive and new life in Christ Jesus. He is waiting patiently for every person.

God can do it by himself, He is the mighty, powerful God. But He calls us to be part of His salvation plan. He calls us to be part of His mission to bring the Greatest News to 2,9 million people in every language they can understand best in their hearts.

That’s the reason we do what we do. This is your calling and our calling.

The Seed Company is a partner organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Their mission is to accelerate Scripture translation and impact for people without God’s Word through Great Commission partnerships. Their vision to see God’s Word transforming lives in every language in this generation. (The Seed Company mission and vision)

Would you be prayerfully to consider be part of the team?

You can be a prayer partner.

You can be a financial partner.

Where to find The Seed Company:

Twitter: @TheSeedCompany search with hashtag #WritetheWord and #EndBiblePoverty.

Pinterest: The Seed Company’s Write the Word Pin Board.

Facebook: “Write the Word” Facebook page.

Facebook: The Seed Company on Facebook.

Visit The Seed Company Blog and while you are there subscribe their blog posts. This allows posts to be sent directly into your inbox so not to miss a thing.

Love Like Jesus

When I wrote 1 John 3:16-17 today in 3 languages I speak, I am thinking and praying for those 209 million people speak about 1,967 languages, who do not have one single verse in the languages they understand best (source: Wycliffe Global Alliance). There are about 400 languages spoken by at least 190 million people in the country we will be going in South East Asia.
Today we can end the Bible poverty by praying and get involved with the Bible Translation movement around the world by partnering with Wycliffe Bible TranslatorsThe Seed Company and their sister organizations. You can join us in #WritetheWord movement every Wednesday hosting by The Seed Company to raise the awarness of the need of Bible Translations for the Bibleless People Groups in the world.
  • Write God’s word on your journal,or maybe the verses from your daily Bible Study
  • Take a picture of it
  • Post and share your picture on Instagram, or Pinterest, or Facebook, or Twitter, pretty much on every social media you might have.
  • Add hashtag #WritetheWord and #EndBiblePoverty, when you tweet it and while you are there follow @theseedcompany, also follow them on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.
  • Go to The Seed Company Blog and add your Instagram picture link there.


All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, o LORD; they will bring glory to your name. (Psalms 86:9)

Your Vital Role

Jesus Brings Freedom ButtonPray is the fuel for any ministries and our lives. Pray is what we’re saying that we need God and it is only can be done by God and His’ power. Pray is the only way to reach His throne and receive His grace in time we need help. Pray is where we stand in the gap for those who are in needs of God and His love.

Through pray we come to God and plead for our loved ones. But also…

We are called to pray for others who have not heard nor known about Jesus Christ. We pray is to reach out the over 209 million people in this world to come to know God, for God to open doors for them to have His word in the languages (over 1,900 languages!) that they can understand best in their hearts, for God to touch them and change their hearts, for God to lead them in the way of truth and life.

You have a vital role in God’s mission in this world. You can pray today.

The Seed Company, a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliates, have released 40-days Devotional e-Book, that you can get it for FREE here. During this Lent, you can read God’s word, meditate and pray for Jesus to bring freedom to over 209 million people who speak about 1,967 languages. They have been waiting too long!

Would you join us to pray today?

Merry Christmas from Wycliffe

A powerful message on Christmas from Wycliffe and stories from those who celebrated in different countries.

What a joy and a privilege to be involved in bringing God’s translated Word to those who don’t yet have it! As you meditate on the significance of the birth of Jesus, remember those for whom Jesus remains a foreigner because they’ve never heard the good news in the language they understand best. Your partnership in the work of Bible translation brings them closer to the God who loves them, providing access to the hope and salvation offered in God’s Word.

Click here if you can’t see the video above.