Language is capable?

Any language is capable of transmitting the message of the gospel, and as these same truths are expressed and take root in a new culture, they will reveal something new about Jesus as the message is ’embodied’ in that culture.

(Sue, a Bible translator in Madagascar, with Wycliffe UK).

All by God’s grace

I would like to thank God for His mercy, grace, faithfulness and helps in my life during the cross culture ministry and linguistics training that I had at KD from August 5th through October 5th. Also, thankful to God for all the blessings, helps, strength, wisdom and knowledge that I got during my study at Atmajaya University so that I can graduate on October 6th. I would say that those achievements are because of God and for God’s glory only. I cannot describe how wonderful and mighty our God in my life since the beginning of this journey with Him until now and then. I only can praise Him, worship Him and thankful to Him.